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 Puppys Vv flag application

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PostSubject: Puppys Vv flag application   Mon Nov 22, 2010 8:22 pm

Hello,here is my BmD application.
Name: Emily Eversteen (Puppy0156)
Why i would like Vv Flags: ICly,my char emily thinks the world should rise up slowly and take their homeland back from the evil rein of the combine,she thinks that earth will eventually be taken back city by city. She only sells to rebels and/or gangs that she can trust. OOCLY i think it would be some good passive roleplay for me and the buyer. I also will not sell often due to possibilty of minges going around with guns. I will add a backstory of how she recieves the guns,as well as it should explain why i want Vv flags.

1. Emily Eversteen,a young twenty four year old girl has had connection with a freind called "Charon Makorov",a russian man who smuggles items and mugs people that have contraband on them,such as helpless recruits. Emily would go to charon and ask,"Got anything you mugged off of people so far" It was ussualy a no most of the time due too charon not wanting too attract too much attention too himself by mugging helpless people,charon also has freinds that tend too have more "Contraband" then charon. She pays for the items that she buys off charon or his freinds. But then they started a trade,they would give Emily all the contraband she needs too sell if she brings them back a total of 500 tokens too give too them each. She of course though this deal was a great one and accepted it,the contraband she expected was not as big as she expected it too be,but she dealt with it anyways. Each week she brings back the tokens and the contraband would improve slightly a bit,but then the waiting time for the contraband is massive due too Charons freinds being in the outlands where it is a long way away.

2. Emily wishs too deal because she has always wanted too be filthy rich and waste all of the money on something,she also has too deal due too the offer Charon Makorovs freinds deal that they gave her,she dosent care if earth gets taken back. All she wants is too be filthy rich and feel the emotion of having alot of money,she slightly would feel once in a blue moon that she is dealing because she wants too have freedom. She also likes the luxury of having "Dangerous" items that she never had a chance in her life too have and give too other people that wish too buy them,of course in order too buy one of these "Materials" she would need too have complete confidence and trust in the person shes dealing too,knowing that he or she would not report her. She deals once in a while and will only deal with full trust too rebels or other "Groups" of resistance,in her mind only the worthy can be sold her precious items.

3. Her contraband arrives in a slow time because of the people shes dealing with is in the outlands. She has a freind that is a refugee fetch the goods for her known as "Michael Pawl" a freind of Emily that she has been seperated from ever since her relocation too City 45. Michael would have a plan too sneak out of the city and get the goods,but before he does so Emily supplies him with alot of food and water for his great journey for the goods. He sneaks out of City 45 and uses a bike too improve travel too the outlands,at night he would find shelter in a wooden house or a car with items that can keep him warm such as newspapers or a torn up blanket. It is morning and he nourishs himself with the supplies Emily gave him,he continues on his travel and is close too the people that Emily has bought the goods from. Michael also has too hide whenever their is a Combine dropship flying by or he see's the overwatch nearby guarding a area. He now has reached the people that emily has bought the goods from and hands them the money that she gave michael. He travels back and takes shelter once again and falls asleep. It is morning and he wakes up and eats his food,traveling back too City Eighteen with the goods strapped on too the bike. He finally reachs city eighteen and sneaks in by using a secret passage out of the city. He sets his bike down and unstraps the goods and carrys them one by one when no one is watching. He hides them in the slums bar where nobody ever goes. He meets emily and greets her and explains what he got,Emily follows michael and walks into the bar and sees the goods,unboxing them and taking them too her place where she lives. Emily pays michael at least 600 tokens and thanks him.
I hope this app is accepted.
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PostSubject: Re: Puppys Vv flag application   Tue Nov 23, 2010 1:32 am

Accepted 1/4 Admins have accepted please wait for another response from the admins thank you
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PostSubject: Re: Puppys Vv flag application   Tue Nov 23, 2010 7:37 am



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PostSubject: Re: Puppys Vv flag application   Wed Nov 24, 2010 7:32 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Puppys Vv flag application   

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Puppys Vv flag application
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