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 Puppys CP application.

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PostSubject: Puppys CP application.   Sun Nov 28, 2010 5:54 pm

Steam name (IN STEAM FRIENDS): Puppy0156

Steam ID (Steamidfinder.com for it): STEAM_0:1:12138252

Why you want to be an MPF? Because it would bring in more roleplay for me as well as passive RP and once in a while action RP. It will also bring RP to the person that i am roleplaying with, weither it would be re-educating,detaining,etc. I also think there needs to be more MPF on the team.

How it will benefit you? To be honest,it would give me another character to RP on instead of a citizen. I also would be benefited because i would spend more time on the server with fun RP things to do as a MPF. I also like RPING as a MPF so that would benefit me to.

Why would we choose you? Because i am a fit roleplayer to be chosen for the MPF. And i think you should choose me because i have a great positive attitude in the MPF as well as the amount of RP i can bring. I think there should be more ACTIVE metropolice and such in the team. I should be chosen for these facts.

What division do you want to join? VICE (If its not there may i get the permission to create it?")

What previous experience do you have with the MPF if any? I have Divison leader experience in the MPF as well as SeC experience. I have MedRP and TechRP experience as well as JUDGE and UNION experience. My MedRP experience im not that good at but i will improve to make it better over time. I am good at commanding units as well.

What have you done for the MPF? Nothing much really. ICLY i reported a few anti-citizens and that was that. But not much.

Give me a roleplay situation using atleast 10 /me's and 10 lines You need 2 characters One MPF One Citizen it is fine to have more but no less.
Characters involved.
Brian Handson.
/me is walking down the street patrolling as a 01 with her stunbaton out,looking at the citizens.
/it Brian Handson walks up,attempting to punch the officer.
/me Is punched,flicking her stunbaton on,swinging at the man.
/it Brian is hit,falling to the ground in pain.
/me Radios the incident in,telling her status and location.
/me begins to tie Brian up,searching him.
/it Brian has contraband on him,A zip tie.
/me Radios the contraband in and confinscates it.
/it Brian groans "Aaaagh!"
/me Begins to carry him off to the nexus DB.
/me Asks him for his name and CiD,
/it He says "Brian Handson,54535"
/me Enters it in,putting data in and his points.
/me Puts him in ISOLATION one,and locks the door. Leaving the nexus DB.

What brings you to the MPF? What brung me here is i want to become a MPF for benefits IC and OOCLY,ICLY my character wants to become stronger and help destroy the malignants that yet fight the civil protection. OOCLY what brung me here is that i want to become a MPF so it can help bring more RP then i get as a regular citizen.

What are you expecting to receive from being in the MPF both IC and OOC? IC my character wants tobe a MPF because of the food and a nice warm home to live in. She also wants to help make the city more civilized and such. OOC i want to have fun in the MPF and make it more active so people dont act like they can be all bad ass when theres no MPF around when ICLY there IS.

How are you expected to act in the MPF? First para: You are expected to do your job as a CP And maintain the city at all costs and protect it from the anti citizens and the rebels. You are expected to be capable of handling Citizens and what to do with them. You are also expected to act great and be a Succesful Cp that can truly do their job correctly and not wrong. You are also expected to be obident and not screw off and do something bad like going rogue,UPA,Etc (If your a RCT) And while doing your job you CAN get promotions and stuff once in a while if you are a obident CP that obeys without question and knows what to do when interrogating a citizen,Etc patrolling all that good stuff. Also when you use lethal force be careful when using it,Shooting someones leg,Etc When their running.

Second para: You are expected to do greatly in your job and know what to do on EVERYTHING. Being obident and such and the rules,Etc, and not jack off. You are expected to be respectful to your higher ranking fellow Cp's that give you orders and all that good stuff. If you are disrespectful you will get punished for it and without question. And for more respect salute (Thats what i do when im on a MPF) And when you do you might gain respect from your higher ranking Cp's If they feel like it (Now i never know people so you never know if you are or not) And you are expected to be careful when around Combine tech like scanners,Etc monitors and such. Whenever if so you are expected to not abuse your high rank when you get one Example: Telling everybody to patrol or just randomly beat someone with no reason, All that good stuff. And when you do you could get demoted or something like that,

What is a day to day routine of the MPF in your perspective (Dont worry about this one we will not judge you on this) The unit goes 10-8 when they go on duty. They get the gear and uniform they need to go on duty. When there radio in 10-50 *Put certain district here* they unholster there baton and patrol the district and the district after that. Ussualy afrer six hours they will go 10-7 and head home to rest

What other characters do you have? (IF ANY) Emily Eversteen and Emily Glockensmiel.

IN CHARACTER (Your character writes this)

Name: Emily Eversteen
Height: 6'2
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue
Gender: Female.
Distinguishing Marks: None

List any other previous fields you have worked in if any
Technical duties such as repairing.
A nurse.

Have you had any previous affiliation with the MPF None

Explain why you applied. Because i would like to enforce the laws and be a great addition to the MPF. I applied because i want to make the city safe and clean of malignants.

Give us some background information of yourself I was a nurse at Mercy Hospital. I have half of the medical knowledge i need to know for the MPF such as bullet removal and help cure a disease. I have technical knowledge such as how to repair a car or phone system. I have a clean record and i followed all of the laws.
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PostSubject: Re: Puppys CP application.   Sun Nov 28, 2010 8:19 pm

Copy, paaste at the new site
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Puppys CP application.
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