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 XeNo's Application. [Accepted]

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PostSubject: XeNo's Application. [Accepted]   Tue Nov 16, 2010 7:31 pm


Steam name (IN STEAM FRIENDS): XeNo

Steam ID (Steamidfinder.com for it): STEAM_0:1:28899545

Why you want to be an MPF?
If I can recall I've been playing on Hl2RP servers for almost a year now. I'm actually really enjoying this
one. I enjoy Roleplaying as a citizen but theres those times where I just want to join MPF. So I decided to try and apply. I've been an admin on IG's PERP2 servers for about two months now. After awhile they stopped Roleplaying there and started being minges. I needed a break from that so I joined Mike and we've been playing since. I've had a couple past characters but they were all pretty much killed because of having Rebel outfits and stuff. I decided to try and make this character my last one by joining MPF.

How it will benefit you?
Having this job would give me more power to help protect the city.

Why would we choose you?
Although I have no past experiences unless being an admin would count as one but I doubt that.
I feel like I could become a good MPF. I've learned a lot from watching MPF's. I know that I have to punish citizens if they do something wrong. Even if I have feelings for them.

What division do you want to join?

What previous experience do you have with the MPF if any?
I've had no past experience.

What have you done for the MPF?
Not too much. But I've turned in some weapons that I had found on the streets.

Give me a roleplay situation using atleast 10 /me's and 10 lines You need 2 characters One MPF One Citizen it is fine to have more but no less.
Me(As a MPF): Citizen. Apply.
Citizen: Example Name CID # 12345
Me: Move In.
Citizen: /me takes the Ration.
Me: Now get out of here.
Citizen: /me slowly moves into his pocket and pulls out a 9MM, aiming it at the MPH.
Me: /me turns around, taking out his 9MM and pointing it at the Citizen.
Me: Put it down.
Citizen: /me pulls the trigger and attempts to shoot the officer but misses.
Me: Get down!
Me: /me takes cover behind a box.
Me: /me loads his 9mm.
Me: Need Assistance
Citizen: /me takes cover behind telephone booth, shooting his gun behind him.
Me: /me shoots his gun but clearly misses because the citizen is behind the telephone booth.
Citizen: quickly runs off, dropping his 9mm on the ground.
Me: /me shoots his gun and attempts to hit the citizen in the legs.
Citizen: /me gets hit with a bullet in the left leg and quickly falls over.
Me: /me runs over to the 9mm sliding it away from the other citizens.
Me: /me runs over to to the citizen.
Citizen: /me screams.
Me: /me attempts to tie up the citizen.
[LOOC]Me: resist?
[LOOC]Citizen: No.
Me: /me successfully ties up the citizen.
Me: /me attempts to pick up the citizen.
[LOOC]Me: resist?
[LOOC]Citizen: Yes.
Citizen: /me squirms around, attempting to resist the officer but soon fails.
Me: /me quickly picks up the citizen, bringing him to the Nexus.

What brings you to the MPF?
I've always wanted to be a MPF. But theres never been a server that I've stayed on for more than a day. I'm pretty sure the only reason I stay here is because.. I actually have fun. My friends are here too so that makes it better. I want to be MPF because I have more power over people. And that power can help me protect the city. (Pretty sure I already said that somewhere.) And... because it looks really fun. And.. like anyone else I love fun!

What are you expecting to receive from being in the MPF both IC and OOC?
I'm expecting much more respect IC and a lot more friends OOC.

How are you expected to act in the MPF?
As a recruit I will follow higher ranks and learn off of them. I'd do my job just like any other MPF would. I would respect higher ranks. I don't care about the citizens, but I do understand that if they do something wrong I have to punish because it is necessary. I will learn how to use the weapons that all MPF's do, and use the radio commands.

What is a day to day routine of the MPF in your perspective (Dont worry about this one we will not judge you on this)
Well, really I think that a daily routine is just MPF's patrolling the city. Theres always those people that do something bad and I know exactly how to deal with them.

What other characters do you have? (IF ANY)
I've had past characters but they're dead.

IN CHARACTER (Your character writes this)

Name: Becky Chapleau
CID: 59114
Age: 19
Height: 5'9
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue
Gender: Female
Distinguishing Marks: Scars on Left Cheek

List any other previous fields you have worked in if any

Have you had any previous affiliation with the MPF

Explain why you applied.
I wanna do my part in protecting the city, keeping it peaceful and protect it from any threats.

Give us some background information of yourself
Born in Orange County, Californa. Never cared for many people. I'm the only one left in my family. Most were murdered. I think I still turned out fine. I decided to move out to City 18 when I was 17. It was mostly good until the Combine took over. But I've gotten used to it. I've decided that I wanted to join them a few months back. I've finally filled out an applictaion and waiting for a response.
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PostSubject: Re: XeNo's Application. [Accepted]   Tue Nov 16, 2010 8:24 pm

MPF-Razor.SeC.42847 Stamp of approval

Meet me in game for your whitelist
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XeNo's Application. [Accepted]
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