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 Black skull-pie's Admin application

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Black skull-pie


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PostSubject: Black skull-pie's Admin application   Fri Nov 26, 2010 2:58 pm

Why you want to be chosen:

I haven't been active the past week due to a impulsive hunting trip, but I have seen quite a bit of minging on the server and I aim to fix it. Along with minging, I see some off cannon role-play and in order to improve the experience for all people on the server, I want to become and admin to reprimand those who do not role-play properly. My Half-life role-play experience dates back all the way to December last year when the first Half-life2 roleplay was released by Relentless Gaming. I stuck with them for several months until I found a community called Thermal Gaming which owned 2 servers, one ran on a Severance Schema called Parasite and the other ran on Cider2. I became an admin there in late May and I still stick with them today, they recently scrapped Cider2 and Parasite for New Vegas, but their server is down now and I don't think it's ever going to be up again. I am quite familiar with the admin layout of the Blue-print2 design, but have not recently been an admin on any of the OA-1 servers.

How you will benefit the server:

I can benefit the server by ridding it of people who's role-play is unlikeable in times when other admins are not available as well as moderating the role-play of others, general server maintenance , and making being on the server an overall enjoyable experience. I will be mostly committed to creating satisfaction of others, it makes me feel good when I see that other people are having a good time because of what I do.

Why should we choose you?:

You should choose me because I believe I can benefit the server by creating good role-play and moderating the actions of others to make sure that none of the implied rules etc. are broken. I have quite a bit of past experience in moderating role-play as well as solving disputes peacefully and the Half-life universe in general.

What will you do to benefit the server?:

Moderate role-play as well as tending to the needs of people who need help or teaching new players about the framework/how to role-play. I don't mind taking the time and teaching new players about the script because when you attract new players it creates for a better community.

What coding knowledge do you have if any?:

In late December/Mid-January I bought a server from Bio-servers and had to edit the Lua in order to fix some game-mode problems and things I disliked like the amount of weapons that were ordered in a shipment, and an error where you could not pick up guns, that kind of thing. But other than that, I don't know a whole lot about coding or databases.

Will you be a good Admin?:

Yes, I promise not to abuse my powers or any privileges I am given no matter how small or big.
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Black skull-pie's Admin application
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