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 Linkmaster2207's MPF Application. [DECLINED]

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PostSubject: Linkmaster2207's MPF Application. [DECLINED]   Tue Nov 16, 2010 6:39 pm

Linkmaster2207 デ═一 is my steam name.

STEAM_0:0:26478532 my steam ID.

I would like to be a MPF for some reasons, one of them is that I've never been a MPF in a server I have applied on a server but it shut down before I got to try it. I would also like to be a MPF because I don't think that alot of servers have enough Metrocops on them often leading to non-RPing.

I would feal accomplished and very happy with my writing skills. Very Happy

I think you should let me be a MPF because I don't think that alot of servers have enough Metrocops on them often leading to non-RPing.

I would like to join the Gost Division

I have only DarkRP experience with Metrocop

I have RPed with them, I have not broken any RP laws.

(Before I write this many people probly think that the can cop is a good desicion I think I will choose a real situation.)
Citizen attempts to enter nexas without permission.(Roll if lost walk away if won....)
Metrocop notices this and immediatly stops him.
Metrocop: What do you think your doing?
Citizen: Nothing, I'm not doing anything.
Citizen puts foot under door to keep in from closeing.
Metrocop: Why did you do that?
Citizen: Do what?
Metrocop looks at him.
Metrocop: Against the wall Citizen!
Citizen Attempts to run.(Roll if lost he gets away if won...)
Metrocop grabs the Citizen.
Metrocop flicks on stunstick.
Citizen: Let go! Let go!
Metrocop wacks the citizen unconsious.
Metrocop radio's: We got a Citizen attempted to breach Nexas unconsious in Block 4, bringing him in.
Metrocop takes him to interigation room.
Citizen regains consious.
Citizen: What? Hey, let me out what did I do.
Metrocop: Why did you try to breach Nexas?
Citizen: I didn't I just tripped!
Metrocop: Right your going into custody.
(Creative? I think so. lol! )

I'am expecting to receive rare RP experiences and challenges, and mostly great power and even greater responsibilities.

Loyal, respect those higher rank and seroios RP with Citizens and Metrocops alike follow MPF rules and laws.

Patrol the streets for any rule breakers, detain those who do work mini-tasks in Nexas.

I have no other character I like to have one character so I don't forget who I know who I dont and who is higher command like thugs and gangs in the RP. (RP character John B. Lewis)

Name: John B. Lewis.
Age: 22 .
Height: 6'0.
Hair color: Brown.
Eye color: Blue.
Gender: Male.
Distinguishing Marks: Scratch on left hand.

No previous fields.

No, I have not.

I applied Because I think I will be useful to the MPF team, in meaning more members to partol more law breakers caught, and the more civilized citizens become.

I have a room in 45th Apartments. I used to live in City 16 was planned to move to City 17 I skiped a city due to train disorder and I got stuck here.

Please reply on how I did. I'm a bit nervous. pale
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PostSubject: Re: Linkmaster2207's MPF Application. [DECLINED]   Tue Nov 16, 2010 6:43 pm


I am sorry but you have been declined due to spelling errors which are very bad and need to be fixed Roleplay is not very in depth and should be done such as Metrocop taps her stunstick on her leg starting it and overall grammar problems please try again in seven days Crying or Very sad
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Linkmaster2207's MPF Application. [DECLINED]
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