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 THE LEGION Application Format (Read before applying.)

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Teh Strider Pwnz

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PostSubject: THE LEGION Application Format (Read before applying.)   Tue Nov 23, 2010 9:15 pm

BEFORE you join, read below.

The Legion ARE NOT Rebels, they are basicly Loyalists with guns.
Do not think you are applying for the Rebelion, if so, leave this format now.


Steam Friends Name:

In-Game Name:

Will you abuse items given to you?

The IC REASON of why you want to be in the Legion.

IC Backstory of your character.


*A rugged paper, with stains and rips on it.*

Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Blood Type:

Are you a loyalist?

If you are caught in a crossfire with the MPF, and Rebelion, what do you do?

Why are you filling out this Paper?



Take your time.
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THE LEGION Application Format (Read before applying.)
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