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 <:: THE LEGION ::>

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PostSubject: <:: THE LEGION ::>   Tue Nov 23, 2010 4:40 pm

// Remember, this is an IC report. Only MPF characters can read this. If you have a Legion Character and an MPF character, only your MPF character would know about this. NO METAGAMING. Also, you are still ICly loyal to us, but dont know we want you dead.


All units,

I, and many other of my units, has had word of this...Legion....

They are a group of loyalist, that have gone too far, and armed themselves to our cause.

Many of you may think,' How is this a problem?' Well, it is a very big problem indeed.

The first problem is, I cannot have armed citizens walking on my streets, shooting any rebel without autorization.

Secondly, the very thought of having these.....citizens!, doing our work is degrading, and an overall shame to the MPF.

I do not want it to seem like WE cannot handle problems ourselves. For this matter, they must be destroyed.

Any citizen proclaming they are a Legion is to be amputated. Any citizen seen openly engaging rebels is to be amputated, along with the rebel. I dont care if these people save your very life. If they do just that, get your gun, and shoot them.

I know this will seem...cruel... to our latest recruits, but this must be handled, quickly, and without a snitch.

We can identify them by these traits:
1: Unusual attire. (Leather jakets, sweaters. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH CWU ATTIRE.)
2: May be armed.
3: May praise the MPF in an unusual way.
4: May be found in the slums.
5: Seen openly engaging rebels.

If any of the above traits are found, they are to be amputated. Move them to the amputation room, dont do it in the street.

If a citizen reports Legion activity, get information from the citizen, have them escort you to the location( report this on the radio) If Legion activity is found, reward and let the citizen go, confinscate all weapons, and detain.

We must do this NOW units.

SeC out.

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<:: THE LEGION ::>
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