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 MPF ANNOUCMENT: Violations and Verdicts

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PostSubject: MPF ANNOUCMENT: Violations and Verdicts   Fri Nov 19, 2010 8:39 pm


This goes along with the data files post, you are to use these when dealing with a citizen that has preformed one of the following.


Note: anything of the following is subject to change at anytime


Uncivil behaviour: behaviour which isn’t acceptable within a community. There is no physical or material damage as a result of the violation which also means there is no real victim. e.g. running, jumping, swearing etc.

Minor malcompliance: disobeying orders from and MPF unit

Level 1 contraband possession: non-CCA issued food and drinks

Accomplice in a Level 1 or 2 violation

The judgement for a Level 1 violation is a Level 1 verdict: a re-education and 1 point.


Anti-civil behaviour: behaviour which does physical or material damage to a citizen. In contrary to uncivil behaviour there is a real victim. e.g. theft, assault, homicide etc.

Inaction: not reporting anti-civil behaviour to a protection team

Major malcompliance: failure to co-operate

Level 2 contraband possession: alcohols, perpetuities, medical supplies

The judgement for a Level 2 violation is a Level 2 verdict: 10 minutes in isolation and 3 points.


Sociocide: (attempted) disruption of the social structure by damaging low-ranked targets within the community. e.g. theft, assault, homicide etc. on a MPF unit (03-), CWU, AF etc.

Possession of Level 3 contraband: flash/smoke grenades, zip ties, ammunition, 9mm pistol

Accomplice in a Level 3 or 4 violation

The judgement for a Level 3 violation is a Level 3 verdict: 20 minutes in isolation and 6 points.


Poloicide: (attempted) disruption of the political structure by damaging high-ranked targets within the community. e.g. theft, assault, homicide etc. on a MPF unit (02+), OW, CA etc.

Unlawful entry: entering a restricted zone (Nexus, Ration distribution without permission)

Imperfection: physical trauma or mental instability

UPA: Unlawful Procreative Activity (SexRP)

Capital malcompliance: being part of an unrest structure

Possession of Level 4 contraband: heavy ammunition, heavy weapons, explosive devices, resistance uniforms

The judgement for a Level 4 violation is a Level 4 verdict: AMPUTATION and 12 points.


If a citizen aquires 18 points, amputate, and contact an admin for a perma-kill.
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PostSubject: Un-Real   Fri Nov 26, 2010 3:04 am

Mate the verdicts are out-standing best ive seen, now I wont have to Argue about verdict to people. Love you (fyi IM NOT GAY ITS BROMANCE)
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MPF ANNOUCMENT: Violations and Verdicts
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