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PostSubject: MPF ANNOUNCEMENT: Datafiles   Fri Nov 19, 2010 8:31 pm


The /viewdata command

The /viewdata command is a simple command that you use just like most other commands: you type it in the chat. But don't just type /data as it will not work. Use /viewdata <name>”(and replace <name> with (a part of) the IC name of a citizen). Now you'll see a white text box in the middle of your screen. If it’s still blank it’s never used before. Else it will be formatted for use already.


The point system is a way MPF tracks past violations. By the number of points MPF can see how many violations a citizen has done. As a citizen gets more points certain rights get revoked or he could even get amputated.

1 point: CWU status revoked (or all future applications denied)
6 points: rations revoked
12 points: amputated
18 points: amputated and perma-killed

A citizen can’t jump over the 12 point mark. e.g. a citizen has 9 points and does a Level 3 violation. He would end up at 15 points. But because he can’t jump over 12 points, he ends up with 12 points (and being amputated).
What to put in a data file

First of all you put the total number of points someone has. After that comes a list of violations. When adding in a new violation, add in the data and time first. Then add in the violation(s) and the number of points added. At the end, put your rank and number.

When someone is amputated, you put in capital letters: AMPUTATED.


Here is an example of the correct format:

CID: <CID> Points: <number of points>
29/02 15.30 -Sociocide 6 points, 43617
1/03 0.10 -Anti-civil behaviour -Level 2 contraband 6 points, JDvL.43617 AMPUTATED.
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