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 IC report: RAZOR SeC

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PostSubject: IC report: RAZOR SeC   Thu Nov 18, 2010 7:51 am


Attention all Units,

While online yesterday, I had a number of disruptions, half of which did not need my help.

First of all, I want to point this out before it becomes a habit. I am a supervisor, I will not always directly participate in a units affairs. DVLs, if you want a unit promoted, radio to me, and then report to my office with the unit. Promotions, deservicement, and other larger things should be the only thing that would require my assistance.

Secondly, to all units that ask directives from me (Yes, you Razor DVL) If you are a DVL, you can occupy yourself. Patrol, make a check of nexus. All units below DVL are to request directives from the highest ranking in their Division, not the SeC.

In hindsight, I provide a large goal. Like a box. The DVLs give orders to their units, but the orders cannot cross the line I have made. If they are, I will void them, and punish the offending unit.


SeC<| Dvl< Ofc< 01<02<03<04<05 |

In this system, my goals are being followed, and the DVLs give orders that help accomplish it.

Here is a bad example.
SeC<| Dvl < |
Ofc < 01 < 02 < 03 < 04 < 05

In this example, the Ofc was given orders by the Dvl, but the ofc gave incorrect orders to the lower units under his command. If I detect this happening, I will void the orders, and as I said, the responsible unit(s) will be punished.

In times of crisis, I MIGHT give DVLs Impunity orders, meaning they can set their own goals, and use their division members to carry them out. But this is a rare occasion.

Hopefully, this will clear things up, so I can continue with my work.

-Razor SeC

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IC report: RAZOR SeC
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